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chiriyuku toki no naka de...

...utatami aeta nara

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I created this community to post translations of Kagrra's diary entries. It'll be like having Kagrra, members on your friend's list.. sort of! Posting is limited to only me, so the only entries will be the actual diary entries from Kagrra themselves. Enjoy. ♥

And uh, in case anyone had any doubts: No, I'm not Kagrra, any of it's members, nor do I know them or anyone who works for them. I'm just a loyal fan. ..Sorry?

As a note: the date and times on the entries are the times that the Kagrra, members wrote them, not the date that I made the entry.

From now (12/6) on, the entries in this community will be friends only. Please join to be able to view the entries. Everyone is able to join.

From now (8/5) on, the entries will be public. This is why. :)

Navigate the entries by member: Isshi, Akiya, Shin, Nao, Izumi & Photo Diary.

This community is run (horribly) by sarasouju.

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